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P.O.S.T. Certification

LECS Law Enforcement Chaplains

LECS Law Enforcement Chaplains must successfully complete the Community Chaplains Academy before applying to be considered to serve as a Law Enforcement Chaplain. Consideration is also based on previous Law Enforcement experience and additional P.O.S.T. Advanced Law Enforcement Chaplain training and certification as noted below in the P.O.S.T. section.  For more information, please email your questions to [email protected]. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Minimum Pre-Requisites for LECS Law Enforcement Chaplains includes:

  • Completion Community Chaplains Academy
  • Completion of Application Package
  • Copy of Ordination, License, or Commission from your House of Worship
  • Ecclesiastical Reference Letter
  • Proof of Vehicle Registration and Insurance
  • Proof of Medical Insurance
  • Access to a Smart Phone and Internet
  • Professional References
  • Accountable Person
  • Minimum of 12 hours per week
  • Signed Compliance Forms (Waiver, Intellectual Property, Conflict of Interest, etc.)

In-Service and Continuing Education

All Chaplains serving with the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento are required to attend a monthly 2-Hour meeting for in-service training.

Registration for the next P.O.S.T Academy is our Event Calendar.

Each additional assignment area a Chaplain serves in, will require in-service training, such as: Emergency Call Out Chaplain (ECO), DUI Checkpoint Lead, etc.

Continuing Education is required for Chaplains to stay current with the latest developments, skills, and new technologies required for their service within law enforcement departments and communities. 

The Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento (LECS) also requires continuing education to comply with laws, remain licensed or certified, or maintain membership within the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento (LECS), such as, but not limited to:

  • California Sexual Harassment Training & Certification
  • California Mandated Reporter Training & Certification
  • Workplace Violence Training
  • COVID-19 Safety Education Training
  • Community Incident for Mental Illness
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Trauma Informed
  • Family Reunification Center Development
  • Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)

The difference between in-service education and continuing education is as follows – in-service meets requirements needed to function in a specific service setting. Continuing education enhances service.

P.O.S.T. Certification

What is P.O.S.T. Certification (Peace Officer Standards and Training).

Law Enforcement Chaplains provide great value to departments and management.

In most states, peace officer training programs are under the jurisdiction of that state’s Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Council, which ensures that training meets accepted professional standards.  Most peace officer jobs require P.O.S.T. Certification.

The Law Enforcement Chaplain’s training should also meet accepted, standardized training and be viewed as a professional team member of any law enforcement department.  The Law Enforcement Chaplain’s role is different than a faith leader inside of a house of worship.  The “secular” training must compliment the Officer Wellness Team which includes, but is not limited to: Employee Assistance Program (EAP), PEER Support, and Chaplains.

This P.O.S.T. Certified Advanced Law Enforcement Chaplain Academy course is a 40-hour, intensive-format training program.

Most officers experiencing trauma simply need a Chaplain to actively listen to them.

The program was developed to provide standardized critical information and develop essential skills for active Chaplains within city and county public safety departments and will be providing Chaplaincy services to members of law enforcement organizations throughout the State of California. The program follows a learner-centered, active training model which incorporates pre-reading assignments, individual and group classroom assignments, and participation in pragmatic, problem-based, real-world exercises.  The program has been developed with an experience-level emphasis.

There is a tuition cost of $300.00 for attending the P.O.S.T. Certified Advanced Law Enforcement Chaplain Academy course.  All program materials will be provided free of charge.  Attendance is restricted to individuals who are currently associated with a California law enforcement organization’s Chaplaincy program or who are sponsored by an established Law Enforcement. Chaplaincy Organization currently providing direct services to law enforcement agencies. All materials are copyrighted.  There will be an Intellectual Property, General Waiver of Liability, and Photo Release form required for each participant to sign.

Chaplains provide officer wellness techniques that are of great benefit, especially following a crisis.

TRAINING VENUE:  The Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento Training Facility is located at 2500 Marconi Ave, Suite 110 in Sacramento, California.  Please be advised that attendees will be individually responsible for travel and hotel arrangements.

TRAVEL AND REIMBURSEMENT INFORMATION:  There is no reimbursement for travel and per diem costs. For your convenience, there are a number of restaurants within walking distance of the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento Training Facility. There are also several hotels close by as well.

INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS:  Once you receive your confirmation email, please acknowledge the email. It is essential that you read and complete the pre-course assignments before the program of instruction begins, as they relate directly to instructional activities, occurring on the first day of the course.

CLASSROOM ATTIRE: The dress code for the training course is Field Uniforms (not Class A) with ID or black polo shirt and black pants.

Law Enforcement deals with different types of stress that any other profession and needs trained Chaplains to assist them.

Classes within the course will include, but are not limited to:

  1. Course Overview
  2. Aspects of Law Enforcement Chaplain
  3. Value of a Law Enforcement Chaplain Management
  4. Firearms Safety
  5. Ethics – Confidentiality
  6. Trauma Active Listening
  7. Officer Wellness: Spiritual Distress & Support
  8. Ride Along Asset – Roll Call – Face Time
  9. Law Enforcement Culture, Family, and Service to All
  10. Post Trauma Stress Management
  11. Job Related Problems: Alcoholism, Substance Abuse
  12. Officer Injury and Death – Responding to a Crisis
  13. Ceremonies, Events, LODD Funerals
  14. Suicide, LEO’s and Depression
  15. Surviving with Resilience
  16. Critical Incident Stress Management
  17. Law Enforcement Vehicle Information
  18. Self-Care
  19. California Chaplain Corps (CCC) https://californiachaplaincorps.com/
The Line-of-Duty Death is the most serious crisis an officer or deputy will go through, even when it is not someone they worked with directly.

The next P.O.S.T. Academy

The next P.O.S.T. Certified Advanced Law Enforcement Chaplain Academy course is on our Event Calendar. Pre-registration is required and can be done on-line by clicking on the link provided in the Event Calendar. Seating is limited and there is NO registration at the door. If you have additional questions, please send an email to [email protected]. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

LECS Collaborations include, but are not limited to:

  • ICISF (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation)
  • ICPC (International Conference of Police Chaplains)
  • COPS (Concerns for Police Survivors)
  • C-POST (Commission on Correctional Peace Officer Standards and Training)
  • MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)
  • AAC (Arrive Alive California, Inc.)
  • CPOMF (California Peace Officers Memorial Foundation)
  • AMA (American Heart Association)
  • U.S. Department of Justice
  • TTAC (Training and Technical Assistance Centers, Victim Assistance Instructor)
  • P.O.S.T (Peace Officer Standards & Training, Instructor)
  • CalTrans (California Department of Transportation)
  • CSTI (California Specialized Training Institute, Trainer)
  • SRT (Spiritual–Care Response Team Member)
  • Domestic Violence Coordinating Council
  • CDRT (Child Death Review Team)
  • C2BU (Courage to be You)
  • Every 15 Minutes & Real DUI Court Programs
  • California Chaplain Corps (CCC) https://californiachaplaincorps.com/