The purpose of the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento (LECS) is to respond for the benefit of law enforcement and the community.  Chaplains, who volunteer their time, serve all persons regardless of race, color, religion, gender, martial status, or national origin.


Chaplains are Trauma Responders to First Responders, their families and to the communities they serve.

We are a non-profit, faith-based organization called to serve our diverse communities by recruiting, training, certifying and deploying first responder Chaplains 24/7/365.

Our Chaplains are called and trained to provide peace during times of chaos and offer hope for the future.

Core Values


Conquer new challenges, embrace lifelong learning, and serve those in crisis.


Expect the best, embrace the present, and improve the future.


Value people, even when viewpoints differ, and earn the admiration of others.


Be true to your best self. Honor your mind, body and spirit; embrace whole-person wellness.


Help others; prioritize their needs and champion community compassion.


Fulfill commitments, honor confidences, and speak truthfully.


Transparency, in the non-profit sense, is defined as the widespread availability of relevant, reliable information about the performance, financial position, and governance of an organization.

GuideStar USA, Inc. is an information service specializing in reporting on U.S. nonprofit companies. In 2016, its database provided information on 2.5 million organizations. GuideStar was one of the first central sources of information on U.S. nonprofits and is the world’s largest source of information about nonprofit organizations. GuideStar was founded in Williamsburg, Virginia in September 1994 and received tax-exempt status in 1996, the same year the company began posting nonprofit organizations’ financial reports to the World Wide Web.

The Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento has maintained registration with Guidestar for many years. Please click on this link for more information: https://www.guidestar.org/profile/94-2598748