Chaplains Offer Hope

Chaplains, who volunteer their time, are Trauma Responders to First Responders, their families, and to the communities they serve. We are peacemakers during times of crisis and we offer hope for the future. Are you called?

Do you need help?

24-Hour Confidential Help Line

(916) 857-1801

Equipped to Serve

You were called to make a difference. We’ll get you ready and send you out in Chaplain teams. 

Run with the Cops 5K

Honor and express your appreciation for our law enforcement by running or walking alongside our officers in the 7thannual Run with the Cops 5K.

Saturday, October 7, 2023

Our Chaplaincy Partners

I am thankful for the Sacramento Law Enforcement Chaplaincy. In 1977, the Sacramento Police Department was a founding member of the Chaplaincy. Today, under the leadership of Executive Director Darryl Schmidt and Senior Chaplain Debra Fontes, we continue to serve our community as a team for positive community impact.

Kathy Lester

We are honored to invite our LECS Chaplains onto our campuses. They bring a peaceful and heart-felt presence when engaging with students, faculty, and administration. We appreciate the sense of calm they bring to our district sites, and the extraordinary support they offer to our community. Thank you, Chaplains!

David A. Lugo

The pivotal role that chaplains play within our law enforcement ecosystem cannot be overstated. These remarkable individuals, driven solely by their compassion and selflessness, devote their precious time as volunteers to serve as a vital source of support for our deputies and the communities that rely on our protection. Their presence, marked by an unshakable commitment to our cause, is a testament to their unwavering dedication and their desire to provide solace during times of distress, guidance in moments of uncertainty, and a listening ear to those who seek understanding. The scope of the Sacramento Law Enforcement Chaplaincy’s impact resonates deeply within the corridors of the entire Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office. Their continuous presence and their remarkable ability to provide emotional and spiritual support have not only proven to be invaluable assets for our deputies but have also reinforced the strong bonds we share with the communities we proudly serve. It is through their compassionate outreach that bridges we built, understanding is nurtured, and trust is solidified—factors that are indispensable in fostering a safer and more harmonious environment for everyone.

Jim Cooper

    Our Chaplaincy Partners’ Appreciation Notes