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Outreach & Resources

As a faith-based, non-profit organization, the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento (LECS) is keenly aware of recent events across the United States that have touched every life.

LECS has been responding to a wide variety of critical incidents for years; however, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have never stopped working and supporting our law enforcement agencies and community members.  Below are just a few of the situations or events we respond to within the community:

  • Serious or Fatal Vehicle Accidents
  • Suicides
  • Homicides
  • School Tragedies
  • Suspicious Deaths
  • Sudden Infant Deaths
  • Barricaded Subjects
  • Missing Person(s)
  • Industrial or Business Accidents
  • Death Notifications
  • Deceased Person(s)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drownings
  • COVID-19 Phone Calls
  • ….and more

LECS Chaplains are typically deployed by law enforcement dispatchers within moments of the officers’ arrival on scene.  After Chaplains respond to the initial crisis, they offer follow-up services to victims of crime, or those impacted by the traumatic event.

Follow-Up Care

If you or a loved one has experienced a traumatic event, are grieving, or just need to talk to a Chaplain, please call our 24-Hour Confidential HelpLine at (916) 857-1801. LECS Chaplains are expertly trained in prevention programs, intervention services and aftermath or postvention services in complementing the First Responder calls within the Sacramento community. LECS is ready to serve when and wherever we are needed.

When LECS Chaplains attend to the needs of anyone in the community during a call out by First Responders, we do our best to follow-up with 36-48

When LECS Chaplains attend to the needs of anyone in the community during a call out by First Responders, we do our best to follow-up with 36-48 hours with those people most impacted by the event to see if they need further assistance.

First Responder Churches

For some people, longer follow-up attention is required.  The Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento (LECS) has partnered with several area churches that go above and beyond in assisting those with additional follow-up needs.  These churches offer practical assistance, not pastoral care (unless requested). 

These church members may assist with light housekeeping, bringing in a meal. These are just a few examples of practical assistance that might be offered to ease the load on the impacted person or their family.  Their goal is not to get the traumatized person to join their church, but simply to help them progress through their grief journey.  If your church has a desire to become a “First Responder Church” – please send an email to [email protected] or call our office Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at (916)978-0296.

Chaplains are experts in the aftermath of grief and offer many resources for those who are grieving, as well as other community resources.

Grief Resources (General)

Grief Resources (Loss of a Child)

Travel Resources

Almost every airline offers some type of Bereavement Flights and/or Services, such as having a loved one located somewhere else returned home to you.  Here are just two links for Delta Bereavement Flights & Services to help you get started.

Veterans Resources

It is common for family members to assume that if their loved one who has died was a Veteran that all of their burial costs are paid by the VA.  In most cases, this is not true.  While the Veteran may be eligible to be buried in a free grave or inurned in a columbarium within a Veteran’s cemetery, there are many factors that must be considered.  It is recommended that do your utmost to first obtain the Veteran’s DD-214 discharge paperwork before you contact one of the agencies below. This will definitely expedite the process.

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Identity Theft

Identify theft is one of the fastest growing crimes to affect both the elderly as well as the deceased. Criminals use information about the deceased to commit fraud and run up credit card debts. There are however, resources available to help you protect yourself and your family.

Suicide Resources

Sadly, suicide calls are one of the most common that the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento (LECS) deals with.  In the Community Training section of this website, we offer Suicide Awareness Training that can be extremely beneficial to law enforcement, clergy, teachers and parents.  Basically, this training can benefit everyone.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please IMMEDIATELY call:

24-Hour National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800)273-TALK (8255)

For those who have already had suicide touch their life, below are some special resources that might be very beneficial.

Friends for Survival https://friendsforsurvival.org

I Need a LightHouse https://www.ineedalighthouse.org/depression-suicide/after-a-suicide-resources-and-support-for-grieving-families-individuals-and-communities/

SAVE: Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

Crime Scene Clean-up

After a home death or tragedy, assistance is needed with potential biohazard remediation or trauma cleanup.  There are many companies that perform these services 24/7/365 that you can easily find through a web search.

The Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento (LECS) provides all of the information within this section of our website as a courtesy and convenience to the community we serve; therefore, we do not “recommend” or “endorse” any one, over another, of the private businesses listed alphabetically below:

Funeral Rites & Traditions

Following the death of a loved one, whether expected or unexpected, many people have questions not only regarding the last wishes of that person, but about who is legally responsible. 

The best-case scenario is that your loved one has already made pre-arrangements for their final wishes.  You may want to search in their important papers for this information.  They may also have faith traditions you are already aware of.  If not, LECS is available to help with funeral planning and officiating.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ below will help with some of your concerns.  In addition, we have provided a list of many, but not necessarily all, of the funeral homes in and around the Sacramento region.  LECS is providing this information as a courtesy and convenience for you, and therefore, we do not “recommend” or “endorse” any one funeral provider, over another, from the alphabetically list below:

  • Who is responsible for a deceased person?
    Typically it is the legal next of kin (spouse, parent, adult child, etc.) or someone who has been appointed in a healthcare directive or durable power of attorney.
  • Who do I call to transport the deceased?
    Funeral homes will typically use their own staff, or an outside provider, to pick up the deceased from the coroner’s office, home, hospital or care center.
  • Where will the deceased go after they are picked up?
    They will go to the funeral home of your choice or a storage facility until a funeral home has been chosen.
  • Will I get to see my loved one before they are picked up?
    Sometimes. It depends on the circumstances of their death. If their death was the result of a crime, such as a homicide, their body becomes part of the ‘crime scene’ and you may not be allowed by law enforcement to see or touch them until they have been released by the coroner’s office to the funeral home of your choice. Then, depending upon the condition of the body, you will have the option of viewing them or not.
  • What is the difference between a funeral home and a mortuary?
    These terms are used inter-changeably and both mean the same thing. The funeral home or mortuary is where the deceased is taken for ‘body preparation’ for either cremation or burial.
  • What is the difference between a mortuary and cemetery?
    As noted above, body preparation takes place at a mortuary or funeral home. A cemetery is the final resting place of the deceased that is buried, or cremated remains that are placed in a niche or cremation garden.
  • Does every funeral home or mortuary have a cemetery?
    No. There are many funeral homes on the same property with a cemetery; however, you are not obligated to use both. If a funeral home or mortuary does not have a cemetery on their property, they will transport the deceased to any cemetery you choose for the burial.
  • Are funeral homes open on the weekend and holidays?
    Some are but many are not. Call or check the website for the funeral home you wish to use to find out. Even if they are closed, they may have a funeral director who is on-call and can call you back. How long will it be before my loved one is buried? This process can take several days as a death certificate and burial permit is required and must be obtained
    from the county. County offices are not open on weekends or holidays which is why it could be several days before a burial could take place.
  • Do funeral homes ever give discounts or do funerals for free?
    Sometimes. This depends on the circumstances of the death, family financial situations, etc. If the death was a child under the age of 18, often funeral homes have special discounts. Some funeral homes have the discretion of giving a free funeral from time to time, but this varies from funeral home to funeral home. It can never hurt to ask.
  • Will cremation happen immediately?
    No, a death certificate and a cremation permit must first be issued by the county. Next, authorizations and contracts would need to be signed. The cremation itself could then take 3-5 days if you use a firm that owns their own crematory. If they do not own it, cremation could take up to 2-3 weeks.
  • After cremation, can I scatter the cremated remains anywhere I want to?
    No. First, you must obtain a permit from the county (about $12) and there are rules as to specific places where you can and cannot scatter. A funeral home can best answer this question for you.
  • Can I cremate my loved one even if other family members don’t want me to?
    Possibly. If you are determined to be the only legal next of kin, yes. If not, all parties who are equally considered next of kin typically must agree on disposition (cremation or burial) of the deceased.
  • Can I donate a deceased person’s body to science?
    Sometimes. There are certain requirements and not all deceased persons are a candidate for body donation.
  • Are funerals and cremations expensive?
    Not necessarily. There are many choices and most funeral homes can work with whatever budget you have.
  • What if I can’t afford a funeral?
    There are some victim’s rights groups that can help with funeral expenses based on how the death occurred. Or the deceased can become a “Public Administrator’s case” which means they will be cremated and buried in a common grave by the County of Sacramento.
  • If I don’t have all the money, will a funeral home accept monthly payments?
    Not very likely. It depends on the circumstances and every funeral home is different so don’t hesitate to ask. There may be a third party that will ultimately pay these expenses if the deceased had life, funeral, auto or homeowners insurance.
  • Will a funeral home abide by my religious and cultural wishes?
    Typically yes as most funeral homes are familiar with different faith traditions and beliefs, but be sure to ask specifically if they have had previous experience with your culture or faith.
  • What is embalming?
    Embalming is a process which provides preservation of the body that allows families to have an open-casket, public viewing. It is not required by law but most funeral homes will require it if a public visitation is planned.
  • Is your loved one a Veteran?
    If so, they may be eligible to be buried in the National Cemetery in Dixon, California at no charge. Find their discharge papers (DD-214) then ask the funeral home to research it for you.
  • What do I need to know regarding an autopsy?
    First, an autopsy may be required if the death occurred in the commission of a crime such as homicide or DUI. Other circumstances will vary as to whether or not an autopsy takes place. Be prepared that sometimes, following an autopsy, there can be difficulty making the deceased presentable for viewing. Ask the funeral home if they can make the needed adjustments following an autopsy to make the body available for a viewing if that is your wish.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The list below is provided as a community resource by the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento, 2500 Marconi Avenue, Suite 110, Sacramento, CA 95821 (916)978-0296, and does not constitute endorsement of any specific funeral home or cemetery.


ABC Cremation Society8180 Elder Creek Rd., Ste. 1Sacramento95824916-288-9433www.abccremationsociety.com
All Faith Cremation725 El Camino Ave.Sacramento95815916-993-3457www.allfaithcremation.com
All Seasons Funeral Chapel (formerly Galf Funeral Home)702 B St.Galt95632209-745-0888www.allseasonschapel.com
Andrews & Greilich Funeral Home (Espanol)3939 Fruitridge Rd.Sacramento95820916-732-2026www.eastlawn.com
Ben Salas Funeral Home149 4th Ave.Galt95632209-745-1191www.bensalasfuneralhome.net
Calvary Catholic Cemetery (no Mortuary)7101 Verner Ave.Citrus Heights95621916-726-1232www.cfcssacramento.org
Camelia Memorial Lawn (Cemetery only)10221 Jackson RoadSacramento95827916-318-0736 
Chapel of the Valley97 Vernon St.Roseville95678916-630-1010www.chapelofthevalley.com
East Lawn Elk Grove Memorial Park & Mortuary (Espanol)9189 E. Stockton Blvd.Elk Grove95624916-732-2031www.eastlawn.com
East Lawn Memorial Park & Mortuary (Espanol)4300 Folsom Blvd.Sacramento95819916-732-2000www.eastlawn.com
East Lawn Sierra Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary (Espanol)5757 Greenback LaneSacramento95841916-732-2020www.eastlawn.com
Evergreen Memorial Funeral Service3030 Fruitridge RoadSacramento95820916-424-3503www.evergreenmemorialsacramento.com
George L Klumpp Chapel of the Flowers2691 Riverside Blvd.Sacramento95818916-443-7917www.klumppsfuneralhome.com
Harry A Nauman & Son4041 Freeport Blvd.Sacramento95822916-452-6157www.dignitymemorial.com
Herberger’s Elk Grove Funeral Chapel9101 Elk Grove Blvd.Elk Grove95624916-686-1888www.elkgrovefuneralchapel.com
Home of Peace Jewish Cemetery (Cemetery only)1804 K St.Sacramento95811916-446-1409www.homeofpeacecemetery.com
Lambert’s Funeral Home400 Douglas Blvd.Roseville95678916-783–474www.dignitymemorial.com
Lind Brothers Mortuary4221 Manzanita Ave.Carmichael95608916-482-8080www.lindbrotherssacramento.com
Lombard Funeral Home (Shomer & Ritual Washing available)1550 Fulton Ave.Sacramento95825916-246-6618www.dignitymemorial.com
Morgan-Jones Funeral Home4200 BroadwaySacramento95817916-452-4444www.morganjonesfuneralhome.com
Mt. Vernon Memorial Park & Mortuary8201 Greenback LaneFair Oaks95628916-969-1251www.dignitymemorial.com
North Sacramento Funeral Home725 El Camino Ave.Sacramento95815916-922-9668www.northsacfuneral.com
Price Funeral Chapel6335 Sunrise Blvd.Citrus Heights95610916-725-2109www.pricefuneralchapel.com
Ramsey Wallace Funeral Home & Chapel1831 Howe Ave.Sacramento95825916-891-0500www.ramseywallacefuneralhome.com
Sacramento Memorial Lawn6100 Stockton Blvd.Sacramento95824916-421-1171www.smlfh.com
Sierra View Funeral Chapel6201 Fair Oaks Blvd.Carmichael95628916-481-1515www.sacramentofuneralandcremation.com
Smith Funeral Home116 D St.Davis95616530-758-5500www.smith-funerals.com
South East Lawn Memorial Park & Mortuary9189 E. Stockton Blvd.Elk Grove95624916-732-2031www.eastlawn.com
St. Mary’s Funeral Center & Cemetery (Espanol)6509 Fruitridge RoadSacramento95820916-452-4831www.cfcssacramento.org
Sunset Lawn Chapel of the Chimes4701 Marysville Blvd.Sacramento95838916-256-3354https://sunsetlawn.chapelofthechimes.com
Thompson Rose Chapel Funeral Home3601 5th Ave.Sacramento95817916-455-3038www.thompsonrosechapel.com
W.F. Gormley & Sons Funeral Home2015 Capitol Ave.Sacramento95811916-443-6513www.gormleyandsons.com