Yolanda T.

Serving Since:


Bilingual In:


Presidential Commendation:

2023 President’s Gold Volunteer Service Award

What I do to put energy into my life:

1. Mental: I listen to worship music and seek wisdom from those rooted in Christ; 2. Emotional: I pursue God to take on any and all burdens from my encounters; 3. Physical: I either walk or tend my garden; its growth reminds me how much God provides; 4. Environmental: Each morning, I listen to morning prayers and move on to instrumental worship taking in His peace to fill me up, physically, emotionally and spiritually; 5. Spiritual: I attend church, serve where needed, attend Bible studies, and am involved with Celebrate Recovery; 6. Recreational: Each year we attend events put on by our church. Such as, Retreats, Special Celebrations, etc.; and 7. Social: As part of Celebrate Recovery worship, we visit various churches providing worship; I belong to small groups partaking in Bible study and fellowship.

Why I became a Chaplain:

Coming from a family history of first responders, I have always had a passion to serve alongside these selfless individuals. I became a Chaplain because I felt a deep calling from God to walk alongside those that are hurting; to be a presence to them. No one should ever feel alone in their most vulnerable moments. When I lost my child, I had no one that came alongside me. I know God has provided this avenue that His children would not be alone as they walk through these tough seasons. If the only light the hurting see is my presence, then God has been honored and I have fulfilled my duty for that family. My prayer is that I will always be the light in their darkness, peace among chaos, strength in the weakness, encouragement to the discouraged, and hope to the hopeless. They may never remember me, but they will always remember how I made them feel and if that sense of peace brings them closer to God, then I have not only fulfilled my passion, but I have provided an avenue to God.