Tammy H.

Serving Since:


Presidential Commendation:

2023 President’s Lifetime Volunteer Service Award

What I do to put energy into my life:

I’ve built my life around celebrating self-care, not just bubble baths and fluff. Self-care to me is a lifestyle. I focus on nurturing my mind, body, and soul connection. Combining good nutrition, conscious physical movement, with feeding my spirit and soul with God’s word and generating as much kindness and love towards myself and others. I practice doing the hard stuff first and relaxing in my faith that God always has a plan to love and grow me.

Why I became a Chaplain:

I think God has always had a plan for me to become a chaplain. I just didn’t know it. Becoming a chaplain allows me to serve with the gifts God has created in me through the trials and growth in my own life (my call). Becoming a chaplain has truly changed my life. God has taken my pain and transformed it into an elevated act of love. Being able to serve with hope and love God has given me for others in crisis and trauma is a true honor and privilege.