Martina B.V.

Serving Since:

2023 (Recruit)

What I do to put energy into my life:

I have a Catholic and Christian community that I attend weekly. I have a group of close girlfriends–we talk and see each other regularly. My accountability partners are as close to me as sisters. We talk daily, pray together, and I’m joining Tina’s Bible study group. Tina is a pastor. MaryAnne, our husbands, and I call each other brother and sister. We have traveled together, prayed together, supported each other’s difficult times. and celebrated our families’ accomplishments. Our children are Godchildren and we’re very close to them. We also share an extended family. I have a fitness routine. I pray daily, several times a day. I garden, go to concerts/plays, the opera, I sew, love to go dancing and travel. Go out to events and share meals with friends and family. I write recipes and love to host dinner parties, especially during the summer.

Why I became a Chaplain:

I want to help those in my community. I believe it’s important for our community to see women of color serving and participating in a positive way. I believe in standing with my brothers and sisters on the blue line. I can and want to provide comfort when others are experiencing awful, dreadful, and unimaginable things. I want to help them when they are experiencing crisis and trauma. I know what it feels like when one has discovered horrible news or have been involved in a catastrophe. I want to be present, and I want to pray with them and for them.