John K.

Serving Since:


Presidential Commendation:

2023 President’s Honorable Mention Lifetime Volunteer Service Award

What I do to put energy into my life:

By checking on friends, and family; by going for a drive, by knowing when and how to say no, and by reading a good book.

Why I became a Chaplain:

My friend and training officer/special agent for the Union Pacific Railroad Police Department knew that I had headed up the hospital visitation ministry in my church, gave me a flyer for an LECS academy, and told me that I should look into it as the UPRRPD needed their own chaplain. I called Chaplain Mindi, spoke with her, and was accepted. I went through the academy, and my friend pinned my UPRRPD badge on me when I graduated and told me that I was their chaplain. I later assisted in his celebration of life, coming full circle. That was 25 years ago, and I haven’t ever looked back, continuing on as chaplain as I knew he would want me to do.