Ivy M.

Serving Since:

2023 (Recruit)

What I do to put energy into my life:

How I celebrate self-care is #1, talk to God and be open to what He tells me. I also like to listen to Southern Gospel Quartets in my house, outside and in my car. There always seems to be a message in the lyrics. I love being outside working in my yard or playing with my pets. These few things are so soothing to me. I also have a close family and we like to get together whenever we can. I like to attend my Church worship services and volunteer there when I can.

Why I became a Chaplain:

I became a Chaplain for several reasons. First of all, I feel that I was called by God to serve as a Chaplain. I feel that whatever the call-out circumstances may be, I can offer empathy and support to the people we meet in their time of crisis. I’m enjoying the Chaplaincy and I’ve worked with some AMAZING fellow Chaplains, and I have learned SO much from them.