Debi Z.

Serving Since:


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Presidential Commendation:

2023 President’s Gold Volunteer Service Award

What I do to put energy into my life:

The demanding roll of being a chaplain in my 60’s means I need to take care of myself. I prioritize my workouts almost every day–the physical strength and mental clarity they bring me is critical to my well-being. I also know that enough sleep keeps me alert and ready for the day, so that becomes another priority for those nights before I respond. Finally, but most importantly, I spend time with my Lord to ready my heart to serve others. He gives me strength and keeps my focus grounded in Him. For those callouts that are draining, I love being able to call Chaplain Shirley to pray with me and help clear away any emotional baggage that may remain. A lunch or coffee with another Chaplain, usually the chaplain I’ve been with on a tough call-out, also helps me unburden my heart. My husband and accountability partner in life is always there to support me with prayer and encourage me along the way!

Why I became a Chaplain:

I love serving others, and God has given me a compassionate heart. As a critical care nurse in my younger years, I have thrived in stress-filled and often emotional situations. Throughout my life I have always felt a deep sense of calling to help those in intense need. When I heard about LECS and what a chaplain does to come alongside law enforcement at traumatic events, I instantly knew it would be a fit for me. I felt drawn to an organization that provided excellent preparation for chaplain recruits in their Academy, as well as on-going training to keep their chaplains vibrant and focused on excellence. I loved the emphasis on the sovereignty of God as our covering and his Spirit to empower us. The chaplaincy has given me an avenue to exercise my gifts and my calling, and for that I am so grateful!