Chris S.

Serving Since:


Bilingual In:

Not bilingual, but can speak some Spanish

Presidential Commendation:

2023 President’s Gold Volunteer Service Award

What I do to put energy into my life:

I love to go camping and see the majesty of the beautiful planet that God has created for us. I especially like the ocean and my favorite place to go to is Yosemite.

Why I became a Chaplain:

I originally became a chaplain because another chaplain thought I would be good at it. I was already looking for another way to serve. Once I got into it, I did not realize all that we would see and experience, but I quickly learned to look right past that because I was truly there to be a help to those on scene that were affected, and to be a calming presence. They needed someone to be there for them, and I wanted to be that for them.