Mimi S.

Serving Since:


Presidential Commendation:

2023 President’s Bronze Volunteer Service Award

What I do to put energy into my life:

I practice the importance of being in the present moment; both for myself and others. Being present and finding gratitude for each moment, each hour and each day fills me with sense of purpose and the unending goodness around me.

Why I became a Chaplain:

I am filled with a sincere desire to be of service. My faith has always empowered and guided me to do everything I can to improve the lives of family, friends and all that I come in contact with. The Chaplaincy gave me an avenue to pursue my desire to be of assistance to others. I met Chaplain Mindi at an event and told her I wanted to do what she does! Thankfully, the academy was starting that weekend and I was on my way to becoming a Chaplain.